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Best Motherboard CPU Combo

Best Motherboard CPU Combo

These are our recommendations for the best motherboard CPU combos In 2023. The heart and soul of any PC is the motherboard and CPU combo. While a GPU gets you those gorgeous visuals, the CPU is what keeps the machine running for day to day tasks. I’ve been looking at the options for the latest … Keep Reading

Best Motherboard For Intel i5-10600K

Best Motherboard For i5 10600K

Intel’s mid-range processor lineup has always been extremely strong, with the i5s being fan favorites. No matter if you are building a gaming PC or a computer for your home office, the i5 range is the way to go. The i5 10600K is the processor many consider the best mainstream processor for gamers. While AMD … Keep Reading

Best A520 Motherboard

Best A520 Motherboard

These are our recommendations for the best A520 motherboards in 2021. For the last 2 years, AMD Ryzen offerings are the preferred options for desktop CPUs among the PC building community. So if you get a Ryzen CPU, the obvious next step for you will be getting a compatible motherboard. But this is where things … Keep Reading

Best B550 Motherboard 2023

Best B550 Motherboard

This is our review guide for the best b550 motherboards In 2023. The B550 chipset is the successor to the B450 and sits in the middle of AMD’s chipset hierarchy with the X570 motherboards being at the top and A520 motherboards at the bottom. And Although there are some budget X570 motherboards cheaper than some … Keep Reading

Best Motherboard for Intel i5-11400 and i5-11400F

Best Motherboards for Intel i5-11400 and i5-11400F

If you know the foundation of a computer, you will know the importance of a motherboard. Even if you don’t, that is okay. All you should know is, with them your computer either works or does not. They are responsible for every little connection shooting out of the internal system. The Core i5 is the … Keep Reading

Best Motherboards For Ryzen 7 5800X

Best Motherboard For Ryzen 7 5800X

Here is our roundup review of the best motherboards for Ryzen 7 5800X In 2023. Trying to find the perfect motherboard can often be very difficult, especially for those who are building their own home computers for the very first time. There are so many different options available, with different motherboards ranging very greatly in … Keep Reading