How to Screenshot on a Gaming Keyboard: Quick Capture Methods

Have you ever had an epic gaming moment that you wanted to capture and share with your friends? Maybe it was a perfect headshot, a stunning virtual landscape, or a hilarious glitch that made you laugh out loud. Whatever the moment, screenshots are a great way to preserve and relive those unforgettable gaming experiences.

But what if you’re using a gaming keyboard that’s compact and doesn’t have all the extra keys? Taking screenshots on a 60% keyboard, commonly used by gamers and programmers for its efficiency, can be a bit of a challenge due to the limited number of keys.

Well, fear not! In this article, we’ll explore various methods and tools that will enable you to capture screenshots effortlessly on your gaming keyboard. Whether you’re a Windows or Mac user, we have you covered with these quick and effective capture methods. So, let’s dive in and learn how to screenshot on a gaming keyboard!

Key Takeaways:

  • There are several effective methods for capturing screenshots on a gaming keyboard.
  • Using professional screen capture software like EaseUS RecExperts is a recommended method.
  • Windows users can utilize shortcuts or built-in tools like the Game Bar or Snipping Tool.
  • A 60% keyboard is a compact and versatile mechanical keyboard.
  • Capturing screenshots on a gaming keyboard is essential for preserving memories, sharing achievements, and analyzing gameplay.

Method 1: Take Screenshots on 60% Keyboard Perfectly – Recommend

When it comes to capturing screenshots on a 60% keyboard, using a professional screen capture tool like EaseUS RecExperts is the recommended method. This versatile software works seamlessly on both Windows and Mac operating systems, allowing users to take full or partial screenshots effortlessly.

With EaseUS RecExperts, users have the flexibility to choose their desired capture area, ensuring they capture only what’s necessary. The tool supports exporting screenshots in PNG format, ensuring high-quality images for sharing or personal use. Additionally, users can even record GIF images, perfect for capturing dynamic gaming moments.

One common issue that gamers face when capturing screenshots is the appearance of black screens in the image. However, EaseUS RecExperts addresses this problem effectively, ensuring that gamers can capture their gaming moments with no black screen interruptions.

To help users get started, EaseUS RecExperts provides a step-by-step tutorial, making it simple and straightforward to take screenshots on their 60% keyboard. Whether it’s capturing gameplay highlights or saving important information, EaseUS RecExperts is a powerful tool that simplifies the screenshot capture process for gamers.

Key Features of EaseUS RecExperts:
Compatibility with Windows and Mac operating systems
Full and partial screenshot capture options
Export screenshots in high-quality PNG format
Record GIF images for dynamic captures
Addresses black screen issues during capture
Step-by-step tutorial for easy usage

Method 2: Screenshot on Windows 60 Keyboard via Shortcuts

capturing screen on gaming keyboard

When it comes to taking screenshots on a Windows computer with a 60% keyboard, shortcuts can be a handy tool. Given the limited space on a 60% keyboard, the Print Screen (PrtSc) function is usually combined with other keys. Follow these shortcuts for capturing screens with precision:

  1. Capturing the Entire Screen: To capture the entire screen, simultaneously press and hold the Fn key and then hit the PrtSc key. This action will save the screenshot to the clipboard, allowing for easy extraction and further use.
  2. Capturing a Specific Window: To capture a specific window, press and hold the Fn key, followed by pressing the Shift key and the PrtSc key simultaneously. This combination will capture the currently active window alone, saving it to the clipboard for later use.

By using these simple shortcuts on a Windows 60 keyboard, you can efficiently capture the visuals you need for various purposes, such as documentation, sharing with others, or troubleshooting.

“Keyboard shortcuts save time and effort when it comes to capturing screenshots on a 60% keyboard. By leveraging these shortcuts, you can swiftly and accurately grab the desired screen content without the need for external tools.”

Method 3: Screenshots on Windows 10/11 60 Keyboard using Game Bar

best practices for taking screenshots with a gaming keyboard

When it comes to capturing screenshots with a gaming keyboard, Windows 10 and Windows 11 users have a convenient option available—the built-in Game Bar. This feature allows for easy screenshot capture, making it one of the best practices for taking screenshots with a gaming keyboard.

To use the Game Bar, simply press the Windows key + G on your keyboard. This will open the Game Bar overlay, providing access to various gaming tools and features. From there, click on the Capture button in the Widget Menu, which is represented by a camera icon.

In the Capture menu, select the “Take Screenshot” option. The Game Bar will instantly capture a screenshot of your screen, including any open windows or applications.

The screenshots captured using the Game Bar will be automatically saved to the Video folder on your computer, specifically in a subfolder called “Capture.” This ensures that your screenshots are easily accessible for future reference or sharing purposes.

The Game Bar’s screenshot capture functionality is not only convenient but also efficient, allowing gamers to preserve their gaming moments with a simple keyboard shortcut. Whether you’re capturing gameplay highlights or documenting an in-game achievement, the Game Bar offers a seamless solution for taking high-quality screenshots on a 60% gaming keyboard.

Method 4: Screenshot 60 Keyboard with Snipping Tool

gaming keyboard screenshot tool

When it comes to capturing screenshots on a 60% keyboard, another built-in tool that can be used is the Snipping Tool. This tool, available on Windows computers, provides a convenient way to take screenshots without the need for additional software. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to utilize the Snipping Tool:

  1. Open the Snipping Tool by either entering it in the Search Bar or pressing Windows + Shift + S.
  2. Once the Snipping Tool is open, click on the New button.
  3. Select the specific region of the screen that you want to capture.
  4. The captured image will appear in the Snipping Tool window.
  5. Finally, save the screenshot to your computer by clicking on the Save button.

This method allows you to quickly and easily capture screenshots on your 60% keyboard without the need for any external tools or complex shortcuts.


– Built-in tool, no additional software required– Limited editing capabilities
– Simple and intuitive user interface– Inability to capture full-screen screenshots
– Option to capture specific regions of the screen– Lack of advanced features

The Snipping Tool is a reliable and accessible option for gamers looking to capture screenshots on their 60% keyboard. While it may not offer the same level of customization or editing features as some third-party software, it provides a straightforward solution for capturing high-quality screenshots with ease.

What to Know About a 60% Keyboard

60% Keyboard Screenshot

A 60% keyboard is a compact mechanical keyboard that contains only 60 keys. It is particularly popular among programmers and gamers due to its efficiency and minimalistic design.

Despite lacking keys such as the numpad, arrow keys, and F row, 60% keyboards are versatile and compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. These keyboards often support key remapping and macros, allowing users to customize their keyboard for specific actions.

Key Features of a 60% Keyboard:

  • Compact and minimalistic design
  • Compatible with multiple operating systems
  • Support for key remapping and macros

Benefits of a 60% Keyboard:

“The 60% keyboard is the perfect choice for gamers and programmers who prioritize efficiency and customization. Its compact size allows for more desk space, while still offering the essential keys for seamless use. The ability to remap keys and create macros enhances productivity and creates a personalized typing experience.”

– Gaming Gear Expert

With a 60% keyboard, users can enjoy a streamlined typing experience without compromising on functionality. Whether in the office or during intense gaming sessions, the compact design and customizable features make the 60% keyboard a versatile and efficient tool for any user.

The Benefits of Taking Screenshots on a Gaming Keyboard

Using a gaming keyboard for taking screenshots offers several advantages. Firstly, gaming keyboards are often equipped with additional functionalities and customizable features, allowing for quick and easy capture of screenshots. These keyboards are designed with the needs of gamers in mind, providing dedicated screenshot keys or programmable buttons that can be assigned for screenshot capture.

Gaming keyboards also provide a more ergonomic design, ensuring that gamers can capture screenshots comfortably and effortlessly. The keys are typically designed to be responsive and require minimal force, reducing the risk of accidental key presses and enhancing the accuracy of screenshot captures.

Moreover, gaming keyboards are built to withstand heavy usage and are generally more durable compared to standard keyboards. This makes them a reliable tool for capturing screenshots during long gaming sessions without worrying about wear and tear.

In addition, some gaming keyboards offer features such as customizable RGB lighting, which can be utilized to highlight the screenshot key or create a visual indicator when a screenshot is captured. This enhances the overall user experience and adds an element of customization to the screenshot capture process.

Overall, utilizing a gaming keyboard for screenshot capture provides gamers with a seamless, efficient, and ergonomic experience. The dedicated keys, customizable features, and durability of gaming keyboards make them a valuable asset for capturing and preserving memorable in-game moments.

The Importance of Screenshot Capture in Gaming

Capturing screenshots in gaming holds significant importance for gamers. Screenshots serve as memories of memorable gaming moments and can be shared with friends, communities, or used for troubleshooting purposes. They also allow gamers to showcase their skills and achievements, building connections within the gaming community. Furthermore, screenshots can be used for personal reflection and improvement, enabling gamers to analyze their gameplay and strategies.

Enhancing the Screenshot Capture Experience with Third-Party Software

While the built-in tools and shortcuts provided by operating systems are useful, using third-party software can significantly enhance the screenshot capture experience on gaming keyboards. These advanced screenshot tools offer a range of features, including more customization options, powerful editing capabilities, and seamless integration with cloud storage and social media platforms.

Popular third-party screenshot tools for gaming keyboards include:

  1. Snagit
  2. Greenshot
  3. ShareX
  4. Lightshot

These software options provide gamers with greater flexibility and control over their screenshot capture process. With Snagit, users can capture screenshots, record videos, and even utilize optical character recognition (OCR) for text extraction. Greenshot offers a user-friendly interface with a variety of annotation tools for editing screenshots. ShareX is known for its extensive customization options and the ability to quickly share captured screenshots. Lastly, Lightshot provides a lightweight and intuitive interface, perfect for gamers who value simplicity and ease-of-use.

These third-party software tools not only enhance the screenshot capture experience but also empower gamers to showcase their gaming moments with stunning visuals and professional editing. Whether it’s adding annotations, highlighting specific details, or applying filters, these advanced screenshot tools take gaming screenshots to new heights.

Comparison of Third-Party Screenshot Tools for Gaming Keyboards

Customizable Capture Options✔️✔️✔️✔️
Annotation Tools✔️✔️✔️✔️
Editing Capabilities✔️✔️✔️✔️
Cloud Storage Integration✔️✔️✔️✔️
Social Media Sharing✔️✔️✔️✔️

These third-party software options for gaming keyboards offer an array of powerful features that elevate the screenshot capture experience. With advanced customization, editing tools, and effortless integration with cloud storage and social media platforms, gamers can unleash their creativity and effortlessly share their gaming experiences with the world.


Mastering the art of capturing screenshots on a gaming keyboard provides gamers with a powerful tool for preserving and sharing their most remarkable in-game moments. Whether using the built-in tools, gaming software, or third-party applications, gamers can choose the method that best suits their needs and enhances their gaming experience.

The ability to capture and share gaming screenshots creates a sense of pride, fosters connections within the gaming community, and serves as a personal record of gaming achievements. By exploring and utilizing the various methods and tools available, gamers can elevate their screenshot capture experience and enjoy the benefits of preserving their gaming memories.

In conclusion, there are multiple techniques gamers can employ to take screenshots with a gaming keyboard. From using professional screen capture tools like EaseUS RecExperts to utilizing built-in features like the Print Screen key, gamers have options that cater to their preferences and operating systems. Additionally, the Snipping Tool and Game Bar on Windows provide additional avenues for capturing high-quality screenshots.

By leveraging these methods and tools, gamers can immortalize their most memorable in-game moments and share them with the gaming community. Whether it’s to showcase their skills, document achievements, troubleshoot issues, or simply relive their gaming experiences, capturing screenshots on a gaming keyboard enhances the overall gaming journey.

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Photo of author
Jadah is the founder and chief editor of For almost 25 years, he’s been building PCs for himself, clients, and his friends. He has seen everything from those Core 2 processors to the latest Ryzen 5000 models. He aims to help people make the right decisions for their PC component build and upgrades.