Best Fans For NZXT H210 and H210i

Best Fans For NZXT H210 and H210i

If you’re following us lately, you’ll know that NZXT H210i is our favorite mini-ITX chassis – and for good reasons.

It comes with a pre-installed LED strip, dust filters on all intake areas, USB type-C port on front-panel, and gives you fair amount of headroom for GPU and CPU cooler clearance.

It comes with two 120mm fans preinstalled but you can have up to two 120/140mm extra fans of your own too.

Best Case Fans For NZXT H210 and H210i

Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 Halo Duo-Ring ARGB...
Noise Level
30 dB
More Information
ARCTIC P12 PWM PST Value Pack - 120 mm Case Fan,...
Noise Level
22.5 dB
More Information
Phanteks (PH-F140SK_DRGB_PWM) SK140 DRGB PWM Fan,...
Noise Level
35 dB
More Information

Since case fans are important to have an optimal airflow no matter how well-designed your chassis is, we decided to have this roundup about best aftermarket fans for NZXT H210i.

The H210i is the successor to the original H210. Since both are identical in terms of fan mounting options, you can use these case fans listed below for the latter as well.

1. Cooler Master MF120 Halo

Best RGB 120mm Fan For NZXT H210 and H210i

Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 Halo Duo-Ring ARGB...
  • Duo-Ring addressable RGB lighting 24 individually controlled ARGB LEDs for a stunning visual effect
  • Performance engineered hybrid static pressure blade design to tackle resistances in CPU liquid radiator, low-noise or mesh chassis ventilation while boosting overall airflow
  • Silent cooling technology noise reduction technology and sound absorbing materials for a quieter and longer lifespan cooling solution

As said earlier, the NZXT H210i (and H210) comes with two 120mm fans: one at the top and one at the rear.

But you can make it better by relocating at top-side fan to the front and pairing it with another aftermarket 120mm fan.

This will make the no. of intake fans more than the no. of exhausts which is better for the airflow. For 120mm fan, you can choose something like the Cooler Master’s MF120 Halo.

Unlike other fans, it has a quite thick round-shaped frame to accommodate two rings of ARGB LEDs (one towards front and other towards the back side).

This lighting is one of main highlights of MF120 Halo and can be controlled by any popular lighting control software such as Asus Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, and ASRock Polychrome Sync.

The fan itself comes with 120 x 120 x 25mm dimensions, 47.2 CFM airflow, 65-1800 RPM speed, and 1.6 mmH₂O air pressure.

It also has rifle bearings which makes it more silent as well as more reliable than a typical sleeve bearings fan.

The fan comes with 9-blade design, with each blade having wavy edges for a consistent balance between static air pressure and airflow. The good thing about this fan is that it stop spinning as soon as any foreign object touches it to reduce any damage to blades.

All of the screws remain hidden in the mounting corner which gives it a premium look. Each of these mounting corners come with an anti-vibration pad for extra stability.

The overall design is minimalist, with just the Cooler Master’ Logo in the middle .

The fan is connected to motherboard via two cables: 4-pin PWM connector cable and dual-connector A-RGB cable.

It can be used as a pack of 3 as well as a single fan. But we would advise you to have only a single one as it doesn’t perform as good as a radiator fan which means the extra MF 120 Halos will be wasted.

But it works fine as a case fan, and has many things in its favor such as reasonable build quality, 24 addressable LEDs, clean wiring, etc.

It’s available in both black and white colors. But we liked that black edition which blends well with all-black H210i chassis.

2. Arctic P12 PWM

Best non-RGB 120mm Fan For NZXT H210 and H210i

ARCTIC P12 PWM PST Value Pack - 120 mm Case Fan,...
  • OPTIMISED FOR STATIC PRESSURE: During the development of the new P12 PWM PST, special emphasis was placed on a focused airstream and thus a high static pressure
  • 200 TO 1800 RPM Regulated VIA PWM PST: Thanks to 4-pin connector, the RPM can be regulated in a broad spectrum via PWM, noise is kept at minimum while maximum cooling performance is given when needed
  • MORE EFFICIENT TECHNOLOGY: The motor is powered by a Neodym-Iron-Boron-Magnet ring of the newest generation, which allows the new P12 PWM PST to run much more efficiently than its predecessors

Some people don’t like to go overboard with RGB lighting.

And since NZXT H210i already comes with pre-installed RGB, you won’t be blamed to want a non-RGB fan to keep things in balance.

If that is indeed the case, here’s Arctic P12.

Arctic is a big brand when it comes to PC cooling solutions and we’re in love with their CPU coolers and thermal compounds especially.

Coming with black-colored frame and fan blades, the Arctic P12 have a stealthy design. The fan itself has the 120 x 120 x 25 mm dimensions, and has speed of 200-1800 RPM.

Other specifications include airflow of 56.3 CFM, static pressure of 2.20 mm/H²O, and 139g weight.

It has fluid dynamic bearings which are known for their less ambient noise, more sustainability, and overall greater lifespan compared to regular sleeve bearings.

During our testing, we found it to be exceptionally well.

The P12 managed to perform better than any other 120mm case fan, except the likes of Noctua’s NF-A12 and Nidex Gentle Typhoon.

This is insane especially when you the consider the fact that P12 seemingly has a simple 5-blade fan design.

Perhaps this dead-silent performance is the reason why Arctic uses this fan on their AIOs.

Being a non-RGB fan, it’s quite cheaper compared to MF120 Halo and easier to install (no RGB = less cables to manage).

All in all, you should definitely consider it if you want to improve your NZXT H20i’s airflow on a cheaper price.

3. Phanteks SK140

Best 140mm Fan For NZXT H210 and H210i

Phanteks (PH-F140SK_DRGB_PWM) SK140 DRGB PWM Fan,...
  • Nine-blade design offers a higher airflow and quiet cooling solution for the best performance
  • PWM capabilities built-in to precisely control the speed to achieve optimized fan curve
  • Rigid frame design and included rubber dampeners helps to prevent vibration

So far we’ve discussed two 120mm case fans.

But if you already own the H210i, you’ll know that it has the option to mount up to two 140mm fans at the front side too. This is the reason why our last pick will be a 140mm fan – Phanteks Sk140.

It’s similar to other case fans in terms of design but feels sturdy.

The 140mm fan comes with 500-1500 RPM speed, 84.5 CFM airflow, and 30.3 db Noise level. It has the PWM feature which you can use the optimize the fan curve according to your preference.

Another thing we noticed here is the direction of the airflow labelled on top of frame. This seemingly trivial info can be crucial in installing a case fan correctly.

Also, make sure to put silicon rings (they come as a part of the accessories) on top of screw corners before mounting it on your NZXT H210i as they prevent vibration.

As any other RGB fan, it has two cables: one D-RGB cable and one 4-pin PWM plug.

Lastly, the SK140 comes with rifle bearings which, as we’ve discussed above, are better than sleeve bearings in many aspects.

Written By Aamir Irshad
Written By Aamir Irshad

Aamir is the founder and chief editor of For the last decade and a half, he’s been building PCs for himself and his friends. From those Core 2 processors to the latest Ryzen 5000 models, he has seen it all.

His aim for this website was to help people make the right decisions for their PC component upgrades.

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