What are CUDA Cores?

What is CUDA Cores

If you’ve ever researched about graphics cards, you’ll find the term ‘CUDA cores’ many times in their specs-sheets. CUDA Cores stand for “Compute Unified Device Architecture”. These are small computing units that work in parallel to each other. If you are familiar with the cores on the processors, then it’s easier to understand how CUDA … Read more

Does the Motherboard Affect Gaming Performance?

Does the Motherboard Affect Gaming Performance

Can a motherboard improve your PC’s gaming performance and increase FPS? Short answer: Yes Long answer: Yes, but also it depends on several factors. A motherboard alone is practically not going to do anything. But when you combine it with a quality CPU, a good GPU, and adequately fast RAM, you will have great gaming … Read more

Are 4K Monitors Worth It

Is 4k Worth It For Gaming

A 4K monitor features a screen resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels – four times as high as standard HD (1920 x 1080). Although 4k displays are here since 2013, they’ve started to gain traction for only a couple of years. There was virtually no 4K content initially, and the games were not optimized for … Read more