Best White CPU Cooler

Best White CPU Cooler 2020

Imagine this. You have just put together your dream rig.

You have not only selected the best components in your budget but also painstakingly chosen each component to conform to a dazzling white color scheme.

You have a motherboard with a white PCB, a graphics card with a white shroud., and white LEDs all over your white case. Only one important thing is missing – the CPU cooler.

Without question, the CPU cooler is one of the most important parts of your rig.

Best White CPU Cooler 2021 Review Guide

Dissipating the heat from your CPU properly can be a tremendous way to maintain consistent performance while also increasing the service life of your CPU.

Choosing the best white CPU cooler can let you remain consistent with an overall white color theme while keeping your CPU in solid shape.

If your CPU cooler can help achieve great performance and prevent thermal throttling while looking enticing in your white PC build, it is indeed a winning combination.

We have scoured the market for the best white CPU coolers available and narrowed things down to the four best options you can consider.

The shootout features two air coolers and two liquid coolers and you can choose based on your use case.

1. Antec C400 Glacial

Best Budget White CPU Cooler

Antec CPU Cooler, C400 Glacial 120mm Pure White...
  • 4-Pin connector PWM silent fan - automatically controls the speed according to the temperature of CPU efficiently decreases the noise
  • 8mm direct-touched pure copper cold plate - highly efficient cold plate with massive area with the help of the fins and Fan increases thermal conductivity
  • 4 pure Copper heat pipes - high thermal conductivity can transfer the heat from the CPU really quick

First up is this budget option from Antec which is a solid competitor to the consensus budget king, the Hyper 212 EVO.

This all-white air cooler comes with a white fan with inbuilt white LEDs for a pleasing aesthetic effect inside your case.

It is compatible with a wide range of Intel and AMD socket designs and uses the new Antec mounting system which is quite convenient.

The cooler itself is beefy, sporting a total of four copper heat pipes that are integrated into the copper cold plate.

Since the heat pipes are directly integrated with the cold plate, the potential for cooling has been increased greatly.

Then heat pipes make their way into the heatsink unit with sensibly placed fins that promise enough surface area for efficient cooling.

Whether it is an entry-level PC or a high-performance gaming rig, this cooler can do the job.

The 120mm fan comes with a 4-pin PWM connector that can provide great control over fan speeds.

You can create custom fan curves to keep things quiet if you are not expecting to put a lot of load on your cores.

The fan can go as low as 600 RPM if you are gunning for a silent build or ramp up to about 1800 RPM if you are really thinking of driving those cores hard.

The package contains mounting hardware for both AMD and Intel platforms and the installation process is easy with the detailed directions in the manual.

The cooler comes with an included package of standard Antec thermal paste.

However, you can further increase performance by using a better quality of thermal paste like the Golden Grease product also available from Antec.

The all-white look can definitely help you make a statement.


  • Excellent all-white aesthetics
  • Quiet and high-performance fan
  • Easy mounting
  • PWM control


  • Better performing options available in the same price bracket
  • Struggles a little with high TDP CPUs
  • Mediocre overclocking performance
  • Has a little low-pitched coil whine

2. Phanteks PH-TC14PE

Best White Air CPU Cooler

Phanteks CPU Cooler with 5 x 8mm Dual Heat-pipes,...
  • Patented P.A.T.S increases the cooling performance and reliability while deflecting other thermal radiation from other heat sources, likes the GPU, South Bridge, North Bridge, etc. PATS ables to withstand temp. up to 200 degrees Celcius.
  • Patented. C.P.S.C is a brand new technologic forming deposit that displaces heat onto corresponding metals at a quicker rate. This will enhances thermal conductivity on the soldered surfaces of the heat-pipes through the copper deposits.
  • Designed with C type Single tower radiators; the PH-TC14PE has fiveψ8mm heat-pipes linearly aligned to ensure optimal cooling. This cooler is made to have the least amount of air and thermal resistance.

If you have a CPU that has high TDP or more than 8 cores and you really want to go ham with performance and overclocking while still using air cooling, this Phanteks cooler can be a magnificent choice.

The white and bare metal aesthetics can make it a perfect choice for a white color-themed PC for gaming or content creation.

The cooler weighs in upwards of 1 KG, thanks to the huge heatsink assembly.

Two white 140mm fans are included with the cooler which can also take a third fan if you want to ramp things up.

The huge stack of fins is connected with the cold plate through five large heat pipes that do a great job of dissipating the heat.

The package includes the appropriate brackets for installation in both Intel and AMD platforms.

The two included fans really surprised us with their quiet operation when compared with similar products in the same price bracket.

The included fan splitter cable allows you to connect both fans to the same CPU fan header with PWM control.

The wide range of compatibility with Intel and AMD sockets make this a versatile option if you are willing to spend a little more for better cooling.


  • Quiet operation with PWM control makes this a great choice for silent builds
  • Two included fans with the option to add a third
  • Great for overclocked and overvolted CPUs
  • Excellent for high TDP CPUs


  • Fan attachment system can be a little finicky
  • Large size can cause clearance issues with case side panels and tall RAM modules

3. Corsair H100i RGB Platinum SE

Best 240mm White AIO Cooler

Corsair Hydro Series, H100i RGB Platinum SE, 240mm...
  • RGB PWM fans: Two Corsair LL120 RGB White PWM fans deliver a blast of color from 16 LEDs each, along with improved airflow for extreme CPU cooling performance. Air flow 63 CFM. Noise level 36.0 decibels
  • Special edition style: SE features brilliant white fan housing and radiator to accent your system's style and better reflect your RGB lighting
  • Dynamic Multi Zone RGB pump: 16 individually addressable RGB LEDs light up the pump head to produce stunning, customizable lighting effects to match your build. Radiator Material: Aluminum

Now we are entering the realm of liquid cooling with this excellent offering from Corsair, which is well-known for producing excellent liquid coolers at various price points.

This white AIO liquid cooler comes with a copper cooling plate that can be easily mounted to both AMD and Intel sockets.

The 240mm aluminum radiator can take two 120mm fans that comes included in the package.

Unlike the popular H100i Pro model that is designed for quiet performance, the Platinum provides all-out cooling with included fans that can move a lot of air.

The radiator has been designed by CoolIT and features special construction that reduces sharp turns in the flow of the liquid to provide a more optimized flow path

. This does wonders for cooling efficiency and performance.

Both the high static pressure fans and the cooling plate contain integrated RGB lighting that can be controlled with the Corsair iCUE software providing you with enough options to further snazz up your white build.

While you can bring the speed down with PWM control for quiet operation, these fans are fairly quiet even when you drive them full throttle – thanks to being a part of Corsair’s own popular collection of ML or Magnetic Levitation series.

If you have the budget to include a closed-loop liquid cooler in your white build and have a midrange CPU to cool, this can definitely be a worthy option.

It also comes with preset cooling modes in the Corsair iCUE software that can negate the need to create your custom fan curves.


  • Great build quality
  • RGB lighting
  • Excellent cooling performance for midrange CPUs
  • Better than most options in the same price range


  • Multiple cables for fans, pumps, and RGH headers can make cable management difficult
  • Mounting pressure can cause motherboard flexing on some platforms

4. ASUS ROG Strix LC 360 RGB

Best 360mm White AIO Cooler

ASUS ROG Strix LC 360 RGB White Edition All-in-one...
  • ROG-designed radiator fans for optimized airflow and static pressure
  • Individually addresssable RGB and NCVM-coating pump over accentuates the sleep, modern aesthetics
  • Styled to complement ROG motherboard, at the center stage of your build

If you want to go absolutely all-out on your cooling and are dealing with a CPU with high core count and TDP, this beast from ASUS can do justice to your cooling needs.

With an overdose of cooling and wild RGB on offer, this cooler can be a terrific companion for a top-of-the-line rig that you want to bling up as much as possible while maintaining supreme cooling.

At the core of this AIO liquid cooler is a large copper cooling plate assembly that attaches to a huge 360mm aluminum radiator, which makes it a 360mm AIO cooler.

While the product is meant to complement others in the ASUS ROG line, it can definitely be used with components from other manufacturers if the cooler fits your taste and budget.

This cooler is meant to be a centerpiece for your build and the amount of RGB it contains is appropriate for that.

The lighting pervades the cooling assembly and the radiator fans and is individually addressable using ASUS Aura Sync.

You can use solid colors or create multiple color patterns using the software for a really vibrant look to go with your white build.

The three included 120mm fans that go with the large radiator have been specially designed by ASUS to provide both enhanced static pressure and airflow.

The cooling plate design has also been optimized to provide more surface area for thermal dissipation.

The cooler is compatible with a range of Intel and AMD sockets and the extended length of tubing provided makes it a poignant choice for larger cases that go with your ATX or eATX builds.


  • Tremendous cooling potential for high TDP, high core count CPUs
  • Extreme RGB bling
  • A great amount of control over RGB lighting
  • Long tube size
  • Specially optimized fans


  • Installation can take time
  • Will not fit in smaller cases
  • Expensive


Keeping in mind both functionality and aesthetics, the CPU cooler you choose for your white color-themed build might be a more important component than you think.

With any of the options listed here, you can have a perfectly capable CPU cooler that keeps your internals performing optimally and also goes well with your build.

If you have been struggling to find that perfect white CPU cooler to go with your killer build, we hope this list has helped solve that problem.

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