Best Low Profile RAM

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This is our review of the best low Profile RAM Modules in 2022. The RAM is often an afterthought when you are specking out a brand new rig. The attention can mostly center on the processor, motherboard, and GPU. However, choosing the right RAM modules for your rig can be important in more ways than … Read more

What You Need to Know about RAM Speed

What You Need to Know about RAM Speed

After CPU and graphics card, RAM memory is the most decisive component of a PC. Being a faster storage device, it acts as a bridge between your hard drive/SSD and the CPU cache. When a computer program is executed, its data is sent over to the RAM. Due to the higher retrieval speed, CPU can … Read more

Is Overclocking Worth It?


Overclocking is a process through which you can increase performance of different PC components. Hardware components like CPU and graphics card come with a certain clock speed out of the box which refers to the number of operations they can perform in one second. For example, a 4 GHz processor can do 4,000,000,000 instruction cycles … Read more

Best Motherboards for Corsair 275R Airflow

Best Motherboard for Corsair 275R Airflow

The Corsair 275R Airflow is a mid-tower chassis with a minimalist design. It aims to give you tempered glass side panel, good thermal performance out of the box, and plenty of AIO options in a compelling price. This is a big reason why many users opt for it when building their PCs. However, selecting the … Read more

Graphics Card won’t Fit on Motherboard

Graphics Card won’t fit on motherboard

“My GPU won’t fit into motherboard!” Visit any PC-focused forum or subreddit out there and you’ll see a good chunk of people asking this question. Although PC building is not a complex task, it can be slightly overwhelming for the beginners. Watching someone building a PC on YouTube is one thing, and doing it yourself … Read more

What is SSD Cache

what is ssd cache

SSDs and HDDs are the two types of storage devices used in mainstream computers these days. While SSDs are really faster and more reliable than HDDs, many people still prefer the latter (at least as their main storage device) due to their cheaper cost. With that said, you can increase speed of your HDD-only PC … Read more

Curved vs Flat Ultrawide Monitor

Curved vs Flat Ultrawide Monitor

Unless you’re living under a rock lately, you’ll be aware that ultrawide monitors have gained popularity among PC users in the last few years. These monitors come with same height as traditional monitors, but have wider screens with 21:9 aspect ratio (compared to 16:9 aspect ratio of regular monitors). Ultrawide monitors are further divided in … Read more

What is GPU Scaling

What is GPU Scaling

One thing we all love about PC gaming is customizability. No matter how big/small your budget is, there are tons of hardware components you can choose from to build your PC. The same goes for PC monitors where you get a lot of different models based on their screen sizes, resolutions, and aspect ratios. This … Read more

ATX vs Micro ATX vs Mini ITX Motherboards

ATX vs Micro ATX vs Mini ITX Motherboards

So you’re looking to get yourself a motherboard, but aren’t sure which type of board is best for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll be discussing the many differences and pro’s and con’s between a full ATX, micro ATX, and mini ITX motherboards. Each board possesses different strengths and weaknesses, and … Read more

Dedicated GPU vs. Integrated Graphics: Which One is Better?

Dedicated GPU vs. Integrated Graphics

So you have a question floating around in your mind, just how much better is a dedicated GPU than an integrated graphics solution? Truthfully, both have their uses, and you will have to decide which makes the most sense for your situation. The question remains, are dedicated GPUs better in all instances, or can integrated … Read more

What is Ray Tracing and DLSS

What is Ray-Tracing

Ray tracing and DLSS 2.0 are two standout features of the latest RTX 30 graphics cards that make them perform significantly better than their predecessors. In this post, we’ll discuss what both of these features are, what they do, and whether you should enable them. Ray Tracing Ray tracing is a technique related to 3D … Read more